Vistage East Malaysia

CEOs accelerate their business and leadership growth when they are members of peer advisory groups and work together on an ongoing basis.

The Power of Peers

Our Members at a Glance

Vistage members represent nearly every industry across a range of small to large businesses. This diversity is key to furnishing advisory boards of members from non-competing industries, and providing you with relevant expertise, regardless of your industry or company size.

5 Pillars of Peer Advantage

Select the Right Peers

This involves more than surrounding yourself with the right people. based on your personal and professional goals, selecting the right peers requires that you reflect on whether you are well suited for a group experience, and that you understand how to evaluate whether a group is right for you and how you know if your group is providing you with true peer advantage.

Create a Safe Environment

Deep conversation about critical intellectual and emotional issues require an environment in which it is safe to share and be vulnerable (judgement free), and where confidentiality is sacrosanct. What happens in the meeting stays in the meeting.

Utilize a Smart Guide

Whether a group is led by a member or a professional facilitator, maximizing the potential of any group depends on skilled leadership. We tapped the experience of some of the world’s best CEO peer advisory group leaders to learn more about how they lead their groups for optimal peer advantage. They do so by acting as a guide and considering themselves as an equal part of the peer advisory group triad.

Foster Valuable Interaction

A group culture that values safety and confidentiality is an important first step, but conversations that help members achieve their goals and processes don’t happen by accident – they happen by design. Rich dialogue can lead to positive outcomes and serve as the intellectual counterbalance to the emotional safety provided by the group.

Be Accountable

If you’re a member of a group that optimizes and accelerates well, the group members don’t tell you what you should do; you tell them what you plan to do. Once you do that, you not only own the solution, your fellow members will expect you to do what you say (DWYSYWD). This level of group accountability peer advantage its punctuation.

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